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Halo Movie is an upcoming film based on the video game series Halo, developed by Bungie Studios.

The Halo movie is to be directed by Neill Blomkamp and executively produced by Peter Jackson. The Halo Movie had a target release date of summer 2012, however production was halted due to financing problems in October 2006.

Halo Movie is now due for release in 2012.


Halo Movie Countdown

The Halo Movie Countdown had begun to its release date in June 2012

HALO THE MOVIE - Coming Soon!

Some possible story lines for the Halo Movie:

- The story of the master chief during the Halo Wars

- The story of Cortana and the past of the master chief

- The future and beyond the story of Halo 3

- A first person movie with a unique mission and story

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Halo Movie coming 2012
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The Halo movie is said to be a cross between the Halo games includes the latest: Halo Reach
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Halo Movie News

New Halo Movie Reach

Check out the new halo reach movie live action trailer

Update from master chief

April 7, 2010 - Frank O'Connor says Halo Movie will happen

Halo Reach the beginnings of Halo Movie

Nothing is given away in this live short for Halo Reach due out for release in September, but it just leaves so many opportunities for the Halo Movie. Check out Halo Movie Reach

Halo Reach and Halo Movie

Will Halo Reach generate the support to get Halo Movie off the ground? Our forum members discuss the excitement behind Halo Reach and some great videos to get everyone on board the Halo Movie wagon (or Warthog). Check out Halo Movie Forum

Steven Spielberg and Halo Movie

Fresh rumors float around the Internet today that Steven Spielberg has a very strong interest in making the Halo Movie. However, Peter Jackson’s handpicked choice to shoot the long Halo flick is Neill Blomkamp — the director of the full-of-awesome District 9 movie.

Latest Halo Movie rumor

New rumor is that they are heading back to a animated version of the film rather then live action.

Yet another Halo Movie rumor

Today it was revealed that the voice of optimus prime from the Transformers movies will be the voice of the master chief in the new Halo Movie.

New Halo Movie Rumors

Word on the street is that the story for the Halo Movie is being broken up into two parts. One will be the first movie, the second to follow a year later.

Why Halo Movie will succeed

Today we've put together an article on why the new Halo Movie will succeed over other recent films and what the producers should look out for. Read it all here.

First Halo Movie Screenshot

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, presenting the first every snapshot from the new Halo Movie. Click here to see.

2010 Release Date

Word on the street is that the Halo Movie is set for a 2010 release date now. It will be interesting to see the latest developments over the next few months.

Halo Movie Forums Return!

Our forums are finally back! Please check out the Halo Movie Forums and help re-build the only Halo Movie dedicated community.

Halo Movie Forums

Some new bits and pieces have been posted in the Halo Movie Forums, head on over and check it all out.

Halo Movie Not Cancelled

Rumours are going around the net suggesting that the movie has since been officially cancelled. We can confirm that this is not the case and Microsoft has re-slated the movie in with their upcoming production list.

Real Halo Warthog

Just thought I'd point out where you can see a picture of a real warthog that has been put together for the upcoming Halo Movie. Click here to check it out.

Halo Forums

Not much new to report this week except that our Halo Movie Forums are kicking and if you're not a member become one today!

New Halo Movie Video

Check out the latest Halo Movie Video here

Halo Movie First Person

More rumours are circulating around this week that the Halo Movie will in fact be in first person view. We certainly hope not! There is a topic over in the Halo Movie forums where you can voice your opinion.

Cortana the main character in the Halo Movie

In surprising news, it appears the strongest word on the street is that the Halo movie main character will be Cortana! Master Chief will obviously be involved in the film but suggestions are that his role will not be a main one. More news as we digg it up! We've also just revamped our Halo Movie Forums - check it out!

Halo Movie 2010

There are rumors going around that the Halo Movie won't make it to cinema's until 2010 now! Obviously this is a big deal for the Halo community so we will keep you posted! Here's hoping that we see Halo Movie this year!

Over in the Halo Movie forums we've got a lot happening including a countdown to the Halo movie!

Halo Movie Ideas

We are collecting your ideas! Post what you'd like to see in the new Halo Movie by joining our exclusive Halo Movie forum and sounding off your thoughts here.

Halo Movie Update

Microsoft is now shopping around for new partners after the recent departure of Univeral and Fox. The latest word is that Microsoft is focusing their partnering efforts on Warner Bros. and Paramount. Rumors have suggested that Microsoft may even fund the entire movie themselves.

The Halo Movie is under way and the latest word on the street is that the movie is scheduled for 2010. It will be a cross between the first Halo game, the second Halo game and Halo 3. Bungie is said to have close ties with the movie production team including some of the Halo movie voices and music themes.

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