The Upcoming Halo Movie

Halo Movie is an upcoming film based on the video game series Halo, developed by Bungie Studios.

The Halo movie is to be directed by Neill Blomkamp and executively produced by Peter Jackson. The Halo Movie had a target release date of summer 2008, however production was halted due to financing problems in October 2006.

Halo Movie is now due for release in 2012.


Halo Movie coming 2012
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The Halo movie is said to be a cross between the first Halo game, Halo 2 and the latest game: Halo 3
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The Upcoming Halo Movie

This section is dedicated to all spoilers revealed from the upcoming Halo Movie.

The latest is that a real working wort hog has been spotted which is a clear indication that the props for the movie are well on the way. More and more are their rumors that the movie is going to be set during the Halo Wars (upcoming Xbox 360 game called Halo Wars).

This game is set before the first game (Halo) where their is a large galactica conflict and of course more then one master chief.

We'll be posting more and more on the upcoming Halo Movie as the news is revealed. We are constantly unearthing rocks to find Halo Movie information, this is the place to be! Our Halo Movie forums are the best stop.

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